About Investments

Hello Readers,

This website is to create awareness among the people for better investments. As we know every have limited money to invest, if you invest in right place and the right time your money will grow with good returns. As of my view investments are of 2 kinds as follows:

Fixed Income Schemes:
  • Investing in fixed income schemes like
  • Bank Fixed deposits
  • Corporate fixed deposits
  • Post office saving schemes
  • Bonds, etc
This fixed income schemes will gives you better security to your investments but the rate of returns will less comparing with other schemes. Due to decrease in interest rates the rate of returns are fallen, but a recent hike in interest rates by RBI, investing in fixed income schemes also will get more from now. If you want to invest in this kind of schemes, wait for some time, our RBI get started to rise interest rates slowly

Variable Income Schemes

Investing in stock markets like 
  • Equity shares
  • Future contacts
  • Options
  • Mutual funds etc
The risk involved in the above schemes are high but the rate of returns are also will be high in nature

Aggressive investors can invest in option 2 to get rate of investments higher, Due to change in lifestyle and rate of return concern many investors are investing in stock markets and earning good gains comparing with other schemes

If you invest in right areas your money will grow like anything under variable income schemes, you money will double or even make many times of your investments, so choosing the right place to park your money is important


If you invested in Infosys in 1992 with Rs10000, now you may get 4 Crore rupees, so investing in right place is very important otherwise you may even loose the money

So friends we will provide you all detail information about fixed and variable investments, we will be very happy if others are benefited based on information provided by us

                                                      Invest today for better tomorrow